Give Boring Beige the Boot!

 Beige. What does that word conjure up for you?

The walls in your doctor’s or dentist’s office? The carpeting in same? That’s very likely the case.

As a painter, I love color! I should love color; it’s the basis of my work, the commodity with which I convey my thoughts and feelings. Let me clarify though. I love color—except for beige. I’ve always disliked the color, in all its many shades. When I first met my husband, he drove a Subaru wagon. It was the most hideous shade of beige or tan that I’d ever seen. I liked him very well, just not his car.

A goodly number of homes are painted beige on the exterior (AND interiors). Why? I believe the reason is because people are afraid of color. Afraid to make a statement about themselves with their color choices. It’s too ‘personal’, too revealing. As if painting their home, say, blue, would tell the world something about their political leanings? I jest, but I do believe that many people have bought into the idea that neutral is best. My own home is painted with a color called Rocky River, a deep green/blue/grey. The trim is called Peppercorn. And you know what? It’s beautiful!

Title: If Only You Hadn’t

Neutral. Having no affiliation. To me, it’s having no personality! The world is full of color, thankfully, and it makes me happy! If you examine my work, you’ll see that I embrace color, using fairly saturated tones. It gives excitement and vibrancy to the figures I paint. The piece above is a perfect example of what I mean.

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